Electrostatic Sanitising and Decontamination

Electrostatic Sanitising and Decontamination

Our antimicrobial solution is EN approved, protecting against bacteria, viruses and sporicides. It's non-corrosive, non-toxic and suitable for use in all areas, including food preparation areas, leaving no residue.

The solution, which is also chlorine free and alcohol free, can be applied to a variety of surfaces in one even application using electrostatic technology. An electric charge is introduced to the solution which is then attracted to the target surface, evenly coating the surface to provide even and maximum coverage, including touch points and undersides of furniture and surfaces.

Our system is quick and efficient, the solution dries within a few minutes and the space is safe to use within 10 minutes.

We offer both preventative and reactive maintenance with each treatment offering up to 14 days of certified protection.

Highly skilled, with over 30 years experience, we offer emergency response times, out of hours service and an aftercare service.

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